Rwanda Musabiymana

Rwanda Musabiymana

Flavor: Dark Fruit | Cassis, Kir Royale, Cranberry and Currant Flavors | Heavy, Dense | Pomegranate

Producer: This mill name may look complicated, but slow down and give it a shot: “Moose ah bee manna.” It’s not that hard. And this mill deserves your respect, because in its ten years of existence it has fought hard to survive.

The Abaryoshyakawa co-op, which built the station in 2005 with help from USAID, couldn’t keep the mill at its full potential, and its members paid the price. Or more appropriately, they didn’t receive the prices they deserved.

Soft-spoken Justin Musabiymana stepped in to revitalize the mill, like when Iggy Pop and David Bowie got together in Berlin in the 1970s. (In this tortured hipster metaphor, Iggy Pop stands for the coffee growers and Bowie stands for Musabiymana. Four Barrel is Brian Eno, in case you were wondering.) It’s a good thing he did, because Gihombo’s growers produce some of the world’s best coffees.

We know everyone says that: “some of the world’s best coffees.” But we mean it here. These people have been through two decades of genocide and civil war, and they’re producing one of civilization’s greatest luxuries. Makes you think, right?

That’s why we’re leaving Justin Musabiymana’s name on it. He’s the one who brought this to fruition, and we want to give him credit. So take a second of your busy life, and learn to pronounce his name: Moose ah bee manna.

Location: Gihombo, Western Rwanda

Elevation: 1,800 meters

Cultivar: Bourbon

12 OZ bag: wholebean

Price: $17.50