Rwanda Cotecaga

Rwanda Cotecaga

Flavor: Fig and honey fragrance submit to tangerine and raspberry acidity. Dense sweetness throughout.

Producer: The Cotecaga wet mill, established in 2006, serves 1,750 members. Cotecaga is a classic instance of the importance of every link in the coffee chain. It sometimes helps to compare coffee production to a stereo system: If the ripe coffee cherry is analogous to a record, then the processing of that cherry is like a stereo receiver or amplifier. Transporting the processed coffee is like the wires, and roasting is like the speakers. Skimping on any part of the system will deteriorate the end result.

The Nyamasheke region has always had the weather, soil, and elevation to produce beautiful coffee. However, the end result hasn’t always lived up to its potential, largely due to a lack of infrastructure. Using the stereo system analogy, think of a wonderful record getting dusty, and being played on a chintzy record player, at the wrong speed. That’s why we’re so excited about the Cotecaga wet mill— it’s a chance for this region’s great coffee to come through loud and clear.

Location: Macuba, Nyamasheke

Elevation: 1,500-1,700 meters

Cultivar: Bourbon

12 OZ bag: wholebean

Price: $17.00